The Allure of Exotic Hardwood

Why choose tropical hardwoods? In a nutshell, timeless beauty. Unique looks. Extreme durability. Competitive prices.

These days, more and more people are choosing exotic wood floors to express themselves, to make a statement about their taste and lifestyle, to create a thing of beauty that will last a lifetime.

Exotic hardwoods from Brazil and Peru are some of the world’s most treasured and beautiful woods. Each species has a distinctive look, a personality, a natural beauty.

With our rich variety of wood types, finishes, grades, patterns and colors, you can practically customize your floor. In effect, you can create a unique floor that’s just right for you.

Another reason to choose tropical hardwoods is their extraordinary durability. Most of our hardwoods are much harder and more stable than domestic woods used for flooring. Properly installed and maintained, an exotic wood floor can last for generations. And since they’ll never have to be replaced, they can add immeasurably to the value of any home.

Finally, depending on the species, tropical hardwood floors can be very competitively priced—often comparable to North American hardwoods.