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Fred Ahrens

fredFred Ahrens is a craftsman by trade. His enthusiasm for working with natural timber began in Northern British Columbia, Canada where he developed an interest in building log homes and crafting furniture from locally available species of pine, spruce and birch. Fred honed his craftsman skills in making cabinets, tables and other items, which were sold within the community.

While it is commonly known that British Columbia serves as a resource for pine and spruce, the birch trees were often discarded in the clear-cutting process.  Fred saw potential for the discarded birch and negotiated a contract with the Minister of Forestry to extract and cultivate the discarded birch trees.  This evolved into his successful milling company where the birch logs were than sawn into lumber, kiln dried and processed into furniture components, tongue and groove flooring and paneling.

As Fred became more involved in the milling business he began researching and sourcing out other wood species, which has led him to where he is today,  importing high quality wood flooring and stair-parts from South America to his warehouse in Kent, WA State.    Fred works directly with small South American sawmills because he understands all the processes involved in properly harvesting and processing the trees into quality lumber and flooring.                                                                                                  

His concern for the environment and ethical practices remain unchanged from the days he salvaged the birch trees in Northern British Columbia. Through frequent trips to South American countries and forests and visiting the mill sites, Fred strives to bring the best quality wood products and species to the North American market.

When Fred isn’t traveling South America, or serving his strong customer base in Washington State and other States in the US, he is sailing his 36’ Catalina Sailboat with his wife Ursula where they spend their weekends exploring the Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and all the natural beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer.



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