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The Amazon rainforest covers about 2.4 million square miles. Within this huge watershed, there are 17 major rivers that flow into the Amazon River. Altogether, the Amazon has a total river flow that’s greater than the world’s next eight largest rivers. Combined.In much of this water basin, you’ll find Jatoba, one of South America’s tallest, most attractive and most useful trees. Its wood is used in shipbuilding and cabinet making. Native people use the smooth gray bark to create a medicinal tea. The tree’s seeds contain an edible pulp. And Jatoba’s yellow resin turns into varnish, or after millions of years, amber. (Remember Jurassic Park?) Of course, we’re interested in Jatoba because its reddish-brown heartwood is extraordinarily hard, heavy, strong and beautiful. Not a bad combination if you’re looking for the perfect floor.

Jatoba flooring:

JATOBA (also called Brazillian Cherry) is the most common exotic wood and one of the most popular. It is very hard, fairly stable and it holds up to traffic extremely well. Jatoba has a deep, lovely color that ranges from salmon red to orange brown when fresh, becoming russet to reddish cherry brown over time—it takes a full year for the wood to reach its mature color. The wood is often marked with dark streaks and it takes a lustrous finish.


Janka Hardness: 2760

(2.19 times harder than N. Red Oak)


Engineered Prefinished Flooring

Solid Unfinished Flooring

(3/4 x 3-1/4”)

Engineered Unfinished Plank Flooring

(3/4 x 7-1/2”)



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