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Imported Exotic Wood Flooring - Enhancing your home with timeless elegance & unique texture.


There are no roads that will take you into the overwhelming majority of the Amazon rainforest. For most areas, if you don’t go by plane, you go by water. And if you don’t go by plane or water, you don’t go.

So we went by plane to the city of Belem at the mouth of the Amazon. Then we went by boat 840 miles upstream to Manaus, a busy city with the population of 1.8 million. In the rainforests further west, we found what we were looking for: a remarkable exotic hardwood that grows only in this one area, and that only Expressive Woods can offer. We call it Sambawood.

Since there are no roads to speak of, workers carry or drag the Sambawood to the nearest water. Then they float it down to the mill. By the way, to the best of our knowledge, there isn’t a single bridge that crosses anywhere on the entire 4,000+ mile length of the Amazon River. It seems that you only need bridges when you need roads. And who needs roads when you have all that water?

Sambawood flooring:

SAMBAWOOD CHARACTER GRADE is an interesting mixture of medium/dark brown heartwood and light-colored sapwood. This grade allows minor defects such as small tight knots. Sambawood is a medium hard and stable wood. If you’re looking for a unique floor that exhibits both a variety of colors and a strong personality, Sambawood deserves careful consideration.


Janka Hardness: 1,650 lbf.

(1.31 times harder than N. Red Oak)


Solid Unfinished Flooring

(3/4 x 3-1/4”)



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