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South American Pearwood 

How did the Amazon get its name? Well first, you have to remember your ancient Greek mythology. According to Herodotus and other historians, the Amazons were a legendary nation of fierce female warriors. All right. Jump ahead a couple thousand years.

In 1541, the Spanish conquistador Pizarro sent one of his lieutenants, Francisco de Orellana, on an expedition down river into the South American interior. On June 3, 1542, when Orelllana got to what is now called the Amazon River, his crew was attacked by fierce Icamiaba natives. Allegedly, the attackers were all women.

Orellana survived, and on his return to Europe, he recounted the battle to Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. Charles, recalling Greek mythology, decided to officially name the river “Amazonas” after the famous women warriors.

Now Amazonas, in addition to being the Spanish and Portuguese name of the river, is the name of the westernmost and largest state of Brazil. And that happens to be where we obtain South American Pearwood, one of the loveliest hardwoods we sell.

So there you are. A little history. A little geography. And a suggestion for a great tropical hardwood.

South American Pearwood flooring:

SOUTH AMERICAN PEARWOOD (also called Timborana) is one of our most exotic and most stable hardwoods. Initially, the wood is fairly light and golden. With age, the colors range from gold to reddish pink with burgundy tones. South American Pearwood is available in both First Grade and Character Grade. The type of finish used will have a large impact on the later appearance of this wood. Water-based finishes retain more of the natural color of the wood. Oil-based finishes will add more salmon tones and will darken over time.


Janka Hardness: 2,100 lbf.

(1.67 times harder than N. Red Oak)


Solid Unfinished Flooring

(3/4 x 3-1/4” & 3/4 x 5”)

Solid Prefinished Flooring

(3/4 x 3-1/4”)

Engineered Prefinished Flooring

(5/8 x 3-1/2”)



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