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Read the first line of this verse.

Tiger, tiger burning bright
In the forests of the night

Chances are, you knew the second line by heart. English poet William Blake wrote those words nearly 220 years ago. What forests was Blake talking about? Could they possibly have been the rainforests of Brazil?

Tigers in Brazil? “Absolutely not,” you say. “Everyone knows there are no tigers in South America.” And, of course, you’d be right. But there is a certain tree growing there that looks remarkably tiger-like. It’s called—no surprise here—Tigerwood. The tree’s heartwood has a very distinctive yellow orange color with striking dark streaks, almost as if they’re stripes.

We found this very exotic hardwood in the State of Para, near the huge mouth of the Amazon River. There, and throughout the rainforest, you may not find a tiger, but you might just find his close cousin, the jaguar. It’s the largest and most ferocious cat in South America. In all of our travels, we have yet to see one. We’re happy to settle for a wood that only sounds ferocious.

Tigerwood flooring:

TIGERWOOD (also called Goncalo Alves or Muiracatiara)is a truly exotic wood. It has long been prized for both its beauty and uniqueness. Its color ranges from orange/reddish brown to a deep red brown. But Tigerwood’s most striking feature is its series of bold and irregular brown or black markings that look like stripes. The wood is very strong and very durable, with a natural luster and fine grain that can be straight or wavy.


Janka Hardness: 2,160 lbf.

(1.71 times harder than N. Red Oak)


Solid Unfinished Flooring

(3/4 x 3-1/4”)

Solid Prefinished Flooring

(3/4 x 3-1/4”)

Engineered Prefinished Flooring

(5/8 x  3-1/2")

Engineered Unfinished Plank Flooring

(3/4 x 7-1/2”)



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