About Us

Expressive Woods is a division of West Valley Hardwood located in Kent, Washington. 


Expressive Woods has specialized in supplying unique exotic hardwoods from South America, and Engineered French Oak plank flooring.  


It is our goal is to offer you the best value – the highest quality and at the lowest possible price. Still doing your research? We also are happy to provide advice, expertise and product knowledge on all the products we sell.


All of our exotic hardwoods are sourced from sustainable yield forests around the world. We work with mills that cooperate with regulations that ensure the future growth of the Earth's most precious resource, our forests.

Please note that we have made every effort to make the wood species pictures on this web site as accurate both in color and detail as possible.  When viewing our images, keep in mind that your computer settings and monitor also affect the clarity and color of each picture. 

Our Pledge to Sustainable Forest Practices


We thought you might want to know . . .


At Expressive Woods we're firmly committed to preserving South America's rainforest and renewing its natural resources. Expressive Woods promotes sustainable forest practices, securing timber from mills that use the principles of sustainable forest management. Coupled with a stringent policy of reforestation, rational harvesting from sustainable forests assures the health and continuity of this most valuable resource.


The process of selective timber harvesting is utilized, so that each tree is assessed for age and condition. Older trees, often susceptible to disease, are removed first, assuring that valuable resources are not left to waste away on the forest floor. After timber is harvested, multiple trees are replanted, fostering sustainable forest practices and completing the reforestation process.

In the final analysis, the process of rational harvesting from sustainable forests produces the highest quality lumber, while increasing the number of new healthy trees and allowing immature trees in the upper-story to benefit from increased sunlight and water. Because of the tropical climate, reforestation in South American rainforests occurs substantially faster than in temperate climates of North America.


*A copy of this letter is available upon request.

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