Unfinished Stair Parts and Floor Registers

We're here to help you create a custom hardwood floor for your project, and our selection of treads, risers and moldings will help you do just that. 

All Stair Parts listed below are available in your choice of species: Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Moabi, S. American Pearwood, Garapa (Brazilian Oak), Angelim, Tatajuba, Tigerwood, Tamarindo (Brazilian Rosewood), Sambawood and Chontaquiro (Brazilian Walnut).

Stair Treads, Risers, and More

Treads: 1-1/16" x 11-1/2", available in 3', 3.5', 4', 7', and 10' lengths


Risers: 3/4" x 7-1/2", available in 3', 3.5', 4', 7', and 10' lengths


Nosing: 3.5" wide, available in 3', 3.5', 4', 7', and 10' lengths


Nosing: 5" wide, available in 3', 3.5', 4', 7', and 10' lengths 


Stair Return Molding: 15" long


Base Shoe: 1/2" x 3/4", available  6' – 10' long


Quarter Round: 3/4" x 3.4", available 6' – 10' long


Cove Molding: 3/4" x 3/4", available 6' – 10' long


Photo: Stairs installed by Salisbury Woodworking

Unfinished Wood Floor Registers (Flush-Mount/Self-Rim Vents)

West Valley Hardwood also offers hardwood vents to complete your hardwood decor. Each of the vents are handcrafted by specialty craftsmen, using only the finest specimens of each of the exotic hardwoods being supplied by West Valley Hardwood.

Standard stocking sizes [ex. 4" x 10" or 4" x 12"] as well as Custom Sizes are available; whatever your specific needs require. Dampers and Cold Air Returns are also available.  All Flush-Mount Vents are stock items. Insert Vents are not stocked in all species and sizes.  (Please inquire about Cold Air Returns and Custom Units and any other specialty items.)

If not in stock, estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks.

Finishes, Sealers and Adhesives

Berger-Seidle's products are made in Germany to the highest quality standards and are available in Swedish Finish and Water-based Finishes.  Berger-Seidle is a leading German manufacturer of floor finishes with more than 60 years’ experience. "Omni-Gold" water-based finish is among the most environmentally friendly products on the market.  It has a "VOC" (Volatile Organic Compounds) content of only 5.2% per liter.  As a single-component product, it offers a very high durability and chemical resistance.

Hardwood Floor

Photo: Adam Leland Homes / Olivewood 

SDS Data Sheets

Hardwood Floor

Photo: Zar Wood Stain

STARCKE Abrasives is a long time respected abrasive company in the flooring industry.  We stock a full line of sanding belts, discs, and pads. 


Contact our office at: 253-437-4063, for pricing and availability on the specific abrasive material needed to finish your hardwood floor.

SDS Data Sheets

A rich and lively look can be achieved cleanly and smoothly, without intricate details. ZAR products are formulated to reveal, enhance and preserve the beauty within. ZAR Ultra Polyurethane is a durable, scuff resistant finish, with 45% solid content. While ZAR's Sanding Sealer has 40% solid content. ZAR Ultra and ZAR Sanding Sealer are user-friendly products that gives you lush and rich color. The Sanding Sealer will give you a great base to apply water-based finishes (ex. Berger-Seidle's Omni-Gold) directly on top.