South American Imports 

Exotic hardwoods from Brazil and Peru are some of the world’s most treasured woods. Each species has a distinctive look, a personality, a natural beauty. With our rich variety of wood types, finishes, grades, patterns and colors, you can practically customize your floor. In essence, you can create a unique floor that’s just right for you. Another reason to choose South American hardwoods is for their extraordinary durability. Most of our hardwoods are much harder and more stable than domestic woods used for flooring. Properly installed and maintained; an exotic wood floor can last for generations. And since they’ll never have to be replaced, they can immensely add to the value of any home.

Map of South America

Sometimes a prefinished solid hardwood flooring may
be the best option due to time schedules constraints, acclimation time (prefinished solid flooring does not require acclimation after installation), and personal preference(s). 

Prefinished solid hardwood flooring will always have "micro-bevels" in between the flooring boards. Micro-bevels are the softened/rounded edges of each flooring board. Micro-bevels can be very prominent on a prefinished solid flooring. (This is something that will always be seen in the floor as it is a safety guideline manufacturers must comply with).  

We recommend viewing your flooring choice prior to purchase. All of our prefinished solid exotics have a Low Sheen Aluminum-Oxide finish, giving you one of the best finishes for wear-resistance. The sheen of your flooring
is the same floor color, meaning that's how it arrives and how it will be after installation (with the exception of natural color which will darken the same as the unfinished solid versions). 

All flooring options shown below are items that are brought in as needed (approx. lead time is 2-4 days once availability is confirmed), please feel free to visit our showroom to view panels and check out samples.