Unfinished Exotic Solids

Peruvian Olive Wood

Olive Wood is an intriguing wood that is exceptionally stable and hard. The colors in an Olive Wood floor will range from light browns to dark cocoa browns, with hints of burgundy throughout. The brown tones and burgundy colors will darken to a small degree over time (approx.
4-8 months). The finish chosen will also make a difference on the final appearance of the floor.


Hardness: 2,360 lbs./sq. in.

Available Size: 3-1/4", 4", & 5"

Sucupira (Brazilian Walnut)

Sucupira is very hard and dense. A mixture or rich chocolate tone that have golden and caramel colors in the open grains; weaving together throughout the floor. Fairly uniform in it's overall appearance, it does have a coarse open grain structure. Sucupira is also allergy friendly in comparison to Ipe (Brazilian Walnut). Also easy to install, sand, and finish; and will accept most coatings.


Hardness: 2,880 lbs./sq. in.

Available Sizes: 3-1/4", 4", & 5"

Santos Mahogany

Santos Mahogany offers the rich look and tight grain structure of a Mahogany, but it is much more dense and stable. Colors range from orange brown to dark reddish brown. The appearance is elegant & interesting. Santos Mahogany is one of a few hardwoods that is Neutral in regards to photosensitivity; it will not change due to lighting or age of the floor.


Hardness: 2,200 lbs./sq. in.

Available Sizes: 3-1/4", 4", & 5"


Tatajuba is initially light yellow in color and ages into a light/medium brown color (within about 3-8 months depending on day-light conditions). It has very unique grain character and uniform appearance. It's fairly hard and very stable (with the exception of radiant heat installation).


Hardness:1760 lbs/sq. in.

Available Sizes: 3-1/4"

Garapa (Brazillian Oak)

Garapa (Braz. Oak) is a stable & very hard wood. It is lighter colored in appearence. This wood is instantlly fairly light in color, & darkens towards golden and caramel brown tones.


Hardness:2260 lbs/sq. in.

Available Sizes: 3-1/4", & 4"

(please verify lead time with our office)

Jatoba (Brazillian Cherry)

Jatoba (Braz. Cherry) is the most common exotic wood. It is hard, stable, and has distinctive grain characteristics. The color will get darker over time and ranges from red to brown with some pinkish undertones.


Hardness:2760 lbs/sq. in.

Available Sizes: 3-1/4", & 4"


Tigerwood is an attractive, durable and stable wood with interesting contrasting tones. The color ranges from orange/red to light reddish brown with distinctive darker striping.


Hardness: 2160 lbs/sq. in.

Available Sizes: 3-1/4", & 4"

Peruvian Teak

Samba Wood (Character Grade)

Yucushapana (Natural Grade)

South American Pearwood

South American Pearwood is one of the most stable exotics. the color ranges from gold to reddish/pink and burgundy tones. these colors develop over time, initially the wood is fairly light & golden color.


Hardness:2100 lbs./sq. in.

Available Sizes: COMING SOON

South American Imports (Solid and Unfinished)


The most beautiful & durable specialty hardwood floor species available.


All of the featured hardwood products below are: Solid, Unfinished/Site-finished, and Tongue & grooved on all sides.  Our unfinished products are milled to the highest possible industry standards and are kiln dried at 6-8%.  We also offer a wide selection of prefinished engineered and solid products.  Sample panels are available in all our species for a small cost which will be applied to your first order.  Second and third grades of these species are subject to availability.  Please call with inquiries about available grades.

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